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You have probably found this page because a doctor, family member or friend has suggested you look into hospice. Or maybe you have seen a decline in the health of a loved one and want to explore options. You have questions, we have answers.


EZ Comfort Hospice Care is focused on the needs of our patients and their families.

When is it time for hospice?

For many, it is always too soon, and too late.  Many people are not given the opportunity to benefit from everything hospice care provides for both the patient and the family.


Hospice is meant for the last six months of life expectancy.  This is difficult to determine and physicians often overestimate the amount of time someone has left.  Frequently, once a patient comes to hospice, they feel better.  With their pain and symptoms better managed and under control they enjoy a much-improved quality of life.

Is choosing Hospice giving up?

No.  Hospice is a benefit for patients with a terminal prognosis of six months or less.  Hospice neither increases nor decreases this, it provides services for the patient and family with specialized care and support.


Even though the prognosis is for six months or less, some diagnosis can remain on hospice longer. You can leave hospice at any time if your prognosis changes, or even return at some future date should the prognosis change.

My loved one is in a facility, can't they do what hospice does?

EZ Comfort Hospice Care cares for patients in nursing homes (skilled nursing facilities), assisted living facilities and board & care facilities in addition to residential homes. Our team partners with the facility to provide the same level of care they would receive as in a private home.


Our Medicare/Medi-Cal Certified team brings quality care, expertise in terminal pain and symptom management; emotional and spiritual support for the entire family; and bereavement support after the patient passes.

Aren't all hospices the same?

No.  The philosophy of care, the depth of expertise of the staff and the unreimbursed services that are available can be widely different.


EZ Comfort Hospice Care dedicates all of its efforts exclusively to hospice care.  We have an experienced staff that specializes in a highly specialized area of care.


EZ Comfort Hospice Care is licensed by the California Department of Health, Medicare / Medi-Cal Certified and accredited by the Joint Commission.  Our standards are high. 

My Doctor or Hospital is affiliated with another hospice?  How do I make sure I get EZ Comfort Hospice Care? 


The hospice provider you choose is always your choice.  To make sure you receive care from EZ Comfort Hospice Care, specifically ask for "EZ Comfort Hospice Care" by name when talking to your physician, hospital or nursing home staff.


You may also call EZ Comfort Hospice Care directly at 1-805-422-8587.  With one phone call, our admissions team will coordinate with your physician and care providers to establish service and a smooth transition to our program.

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