Range of Services

Meeting the needs of the patient and the family is a top priority of EZ Comfort Hospice Care.  The entire unit (patient, family, caregiver) is an essential part of hospice care.  Family and/or caregivers are taught skills to care for the patient at home. Everyone is an essential part of the decision-making process.


We provide a wide range of services:



EZ Comfort Hospice Care's Medical Director directs the Plan of Care and regularly consults with the hospice team on each patient. The Medical Director may serve as a consultant to the patient's personal physician in the areas of pain and symptom management.



Nursing services include assessment and management of pain. EZ Comfort Hospice Care's nurses are trained to evaluate pain and symptoms and provide services to alleviate the suffering associated with terminal illness. Our nurses and Hospice Aides provide patient and family education on caregiving as well as end-of -life issues.  Our nurses make regularly scheduled visits to patients. Support by the hospice team is available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.


Social Workers

Licensed medical social workers enhance the meaning and quality of a patient's life by providing emotional support to the patient and family, counseling in dealing with end-of-life issues, helping with advanced directives, and assisting in understanding Medicare, Medi-cal and insurance benefits.


Spiritual Care Counselors

The pain experienced by a hospice patient can be emotional and spiritual as well as physical.  Patients and family members often find it helpful to speak with a counselor about the questions and anxiety associated with the end-of-life.   EZ Comfort Hospice Care's counselors help patients maintain their faith, as requested. All EZ Comfort Hospice Care employees respect the spiritual and lifestyle choices of every patient and family.



EZ Comfort Hospice Care's concern does not end with the death of the patient. Bereavement services are on-going, even if not on hospice. Bereavement services may include personal visits, listening to stories of the survivors, answering questions and providing information regarding the grief process.  Bereavement services provide information and referrals to area resources when needed.


Medical Equipment

EZ Comfort Hospice Care provides the medical equipment necessary to provide a safe, comfortable and caring environment in the patient's home.



Medications related to the hospice diagnosis will be covered by EZ Comfort Hospice Care.  Hospice medications are intended to alleviate pain and symptoms related to the hospice diagnosis.

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